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Stevie Vallance - music

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Lullaby of the Leaves
Track Listing
1   Lullaby of the Leaves (Bernice Petkere, Joe Young) 5:11
2   Make My Night (Stevie Vallance, Peter Berring) 5:20
3   Rhythm of Love (Jim Vallance, Rick Springfield) 5:04
4   Nothing More (Peter Berring) 5:07
5   Witchcraft (Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh) 5:01
6   What You Are (Pat Coleman. Colin Lazzerini) 4:28
7   Amour et Moi (Pat Coleman, Colin Lazzerini) 7:06
8   Call Me Angel (Stevie Vallance, Blu Mankuma, Alexander Boynton) 5:35
9   Over the Rainbow (Yip Harburg, Harold Arlen) 7:02

Make My Night (H'art, 2008)

"Vallance's voice sounds FABulous... mature, well recorded, comfortable, sexy... such a well-produced CD... great musicians... Vallance never sounded in better voice." says Paul Grant (CBC Radio)

Produced by Pat Coleman (guitar), the cd features Mike Herriot (trumpet & flugel), Tom Colclough (sax), Tom Keenlyside (sax & flute), Dave Pickell (organ), Buff Allen (drums), Ross Taggart (piano) and Miles Hill (bass). Make My Night offers popular jazz standards, as well as original songs by Vancouver based composers such as, Jim Vallance.
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My Funny Valentine
Track Listing
1   Where Do You Start? (Mandel, Bergman) 3:50
2   Doodlin' (Silver) 3:59
3   Gee, Baby Ain't I Good to You? (Redman, Rasaf) 3:12
4   Lush Life (Strayhorn) 3:50
5   My Funny Valentine (Rogers, Hart) 4:24
6   Gone with the Wind (Wrubel, Magidson) 3:47
7   In My Life (Lennon, McCartney) 3:46
8   Lullaby of Birdland (Shearing, Weiss) 3:41
9   Quietly There (Mandel, Ames) 4:31
10   Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg) 6:00

Practically Naked (H'art, 1998)

As one critic wrote, "Vallance sings with a warmth and grace that sends shivers down the spine." View the music video.

Michael Creber (piano), Buff Allen (drums),Rene Worst (bass) and Jim Pinchin (sax).
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Sweet Dreams
Track Listing
1   Seven Lonely Days
2   Just a Closer Walk with Thee
3   Walkin' After Midnight
4   She's Got You
5   Blue Moon of Kentucky
6   Always
7   I Fall to Pieces
8   You Cheatin' Heart
9   Sweet Dreams
10   There He Goes
11   Crazy

Always (A Salute to Patsy Cline) (H'art, 1999)

On Stevie's second CD, ALWAYS, inspiration came from the legendary Patsy Cline, with whom Vallance shares the same birthday. "Vallance's strong, smoky voice... delivers mesmerizing renditions of well-known ballads, pop songs, and gospel favorites", said the Calgary Herald.

John Thiel (guitar), Dan Marshall (Steel), Roger Perkins (piano), Randy Hillman (bass), Joe McIntyre (drums).
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Over the Rainbow
Track Listing
1   God Bless the Child (Dee Daniels)
2   From this Moment On (Laura Crema)
3   Over the Rainbow (Stevie Vallance)
4   Hallelujah I Love Him So (Tammy Weis)
5   Beauty in the Rain (Karin Plato)
6   Here's to Life (Divas)
7   Blue Bossa (Instrumental)
8   This is New (Kate Hammett-Vaughan)
9   Put a Little Love in Your Heart (Divas)

Divas For Life: Live At The Vogue! (H'art, 2002)

"A live jazz benefit concert, that will rekindle anyone's love for that something special that great singers possess." -- John Beaudin

Divas: Laura Crema, Dee Daniels, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Karin Plato, Stevie Vallance, Tammy Weis
Divos: Michael Creber (piano), Graham Boyle (drums), Steve Holy (bass), Tom Keenlyside (sax & flute)

Divas For Life on youtube.
Divas For Life on Facebook.
DivasForLife.com 100% CD proceeds donated to The Vancouver Friends For Life Society, an organization dedicated to supporting people living with life-threatening illness.
Track Listing
1   Back on Base 4:07 Music: David Shire / Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr.
2   Baggy Pants Lover 4:11 Music & Lyrics: David Warrack
3   Coffee, Black! 1:54 Music: David Shire / Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr.
4   Have Another Martini 3:52 Music & Lyrics: David Warrack
5   Quality Time 4:00 Music & Lyrics: David Frishberg
6   A Little Taste 2:43 Music & Lyrics: David Frishberg & Johnny Hodges
7   Baby Talk 2:41 Music: David Shire / Lyrics: David Frishberg
8   Another Night In Another Room 4:50 Music & Lyrics: David Warrack
9   Curiosity Killed the Cat 3:16 Music & Lyrics: David Warrack
10   Autumn 4:30 Music: David Shire / Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr.
11   Zoot Walks In 2:49 Frishberg with Jerry Mulligan and Jack Sims
12   One Special Man 3:55 Music: David Shire / Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr.
13   Peel Me a Grape 5:50 Music & Lyrics: David Frishberg

The Three Davids

Stevie Vallance: vocals / David Warrack: piano, vocals / David Young: bass / Charlie Gray: trumpet, fluglehorn / Perry White: sax, flute / All arrangements by David Warrack

Contact Stevie to purchase: toonedinwithstevievallance@gmail.com