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Stevie Vallance - voice-over

Genevive MadelineStevie as Genevive the dog

Emmy Award-winning Stevie Vallance first became known as the 'Cartoon Queen' for her prolific work infusing life and personality into characters on hundreds of animation shows, including 'Mouse' on Reboot, 'Share Bear' on the Care Bear movies, 'Dixie' on Donkey Kong Country, ‘Jinenji's mother’ on Inuyasha, 'Sonia' on Sonic the Hedgehog, 'Party' on The Popples, 'G.L.A.D.I.S.' on Totally Spies, ‘Miss Clavel’ and ‘Genevive’ on Madeline, 'Gnat' on Growing Up Creepie; and 'Tigrerra' on Bakugan.

Dixie KongStevie as Dixie Kong

Her first 'animation voice-over acting' break was on Inspector Gadget -- thanks to Marsha Goodman, who put Vallance in front of a mic, sandwiched between Don Adams and June Foray. Later in her career Stevie was cast in 70 episodes of the show's spin-off, Gadget Boy. She played the wicked 'Spydra', a Medusa-type character who had to put up with a wisecracking parrot named Boris, voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

GnatStevie as Gnat in Growing Up Creepie

While based in LA, Stevie also played a very different sort of character, on the Hallmark children’s TV series, Zoobilee Zoo. Wearing facial prosthetics and a head-to-toe faux-fur costume, Stevie created the role of a dancing, pink marsupial named 'Whazzat Kangaroo'. Whazzat loved to sing and play music on the instruments she pulled out of her costume’s ‘magical’ pouch.

MouseStevie as Mouse

Alongside six other Zoobles, one of whom just happened to be Ben Vereen, the Zoobles were half human and half animal. The 65 episodes were co-produced by Steve Binder (Pee Wee’s Playhouse), and went on to win an Emmy in 1987. http://youtu.be/nZZw9zSL-qE

Vallance also got to voice multiple roles alongside Carol Channing, Charo and John Hurt (to name a few), on Don Bluth's animated feature, Thumbelina. Bluth then cast Vallance in The Pebble and the Penguin, which also starred Martin Short, Annie Golden, Tim Curry and Jim Belushi.

Recently Stevie voiced Kitty on Nelvana’s Celubutard Nation; and Zac on the animated feature Zac & Penny http://vimeo.com/37720542.

Miss ClavelStevie as Miss Clavel in Madeline
spydraStevie as Spydra in Inspector Gadget
SoniaStevie as Sonia in Sonic the Hedgehog
share bearStevie as Share Bear in Care Bears
whazzatStevie as Whazzat in Zoobilee Zoo

Animation Acting Resume


Best Ed Multiple (2008) 9-Story / Teletoon
Celebutard Nation Kitty & Angelina Jolie (2008) Nelvana / Corus Ent
Dex Hamilton Audrey & The Queen (2008) March Ent
Growing Up Creepie Gnat & Bunny Hollyruller (2007 - 08) Mike Young / Discovery Kids
The Future Is Wild Uli (2008) Nelvana
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Tigrerra & Rabeeder (2008) Corus Ent
Totally Spies G.L.A.D.I.S. (2006) Marathon / Teletoon
WaWa, Mother & Grandmother (2006) DIC Enterprises
Breeze (2005) Bardel / Teletoon
Madeline Miss Clavel & Genevive (1995 - 2001) DIC / Disney
 Reboot Mouse & Rocky (1999 - 01) Mainframe / Alliance
Donkey Kong Country Dixie (2002) Nelvanna
Inspector Gadget Boy Spydra DIC
Ghostbusters Multiple  DIC
The Care Bears Proud Heart Cat DIC
Dennis the Menace Gina & Alice Mitchell DIC
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonia & Mrs. Possum DIC
Inuyasha Natsuko Fuji (Jinenji's Mother) Sunrise
Dragon Tales Multiple  Columbia / Tristar
Mummies Alive Amanda & Khati DIC
Extreme Dinosaurs Chedra DIC
Tex Avery Multiple  DIC
Zoobilee Zoo Whazzat Kangaroo DIC
The Archies Multiple Marvel
Popples Party, Prize & Puffball DIC
Sabrina Multiple DIC
Shadow Raiders Prince Pyros Mainframe/Alliance
Stone Protectors Multiple
Action Man Multiple DIC
Mega Man Multiple Capcom
Conan & the Young Warriors Multiple CBS
Nilus the Sandman Multiple Delaney & Friends
Hurricanes Mrs. Corie DIC
King's Quest: Vl Princess Cassima Sierra
Super Dave Multiple DIC
Lady Lovelylocks & Pixietails Duchess Ravenwaves & Curlycrown DIC
Hammerman Multiple DIC
XMen: Evolution Moira MacTaggart & Policewoman Marvel
Dinosaucers Princess Dei DIC
Gargoyles Episode: The Dying of the Light Disney

Feature Films

The Care Bears Big Wish Movie

Share Bear (2006) Nelvana / Corus Ent
Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot Share Bear (2005) Nelvana / Corus Ent
Barbie: Magic Pegasus Trolls (2006) NBC Productions
Wishing Star Faith, Mrs.Tolufson, Maximus Phase 4 / Seoul
Thumbelina Multiple Characters Don Bluthe Ent
Barry Manilow (Music Director)
The Pebble & the Penguin Priscilla, Chinstrap Don Bluthe Ent
Barry Manilow (Music Director)
Cardcaptors: The Movie Sorceress